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Lars Frölander - Swimmer
“A few years ago I started to take all of FRIWAYs produktes. Thanks to them, I still have world class results.”
Therese Alshammar - Swimmer
(Took the Friway product suite 2008-2011 when she became a Gold Medalist in the World Championships. Therese has won more international medals than any other Swimmer. A while late she changed Manager and is not using the Friway products anymore).

Sara Nordenstam - Swimmer in the Norwegian National Team
“Before the Olympics in Beijing I went to " Kilmaninstitutet" and started to use the Friway Products.Thanks to that I sensationally won an Olympic Bronze Medal- wonderful. I would not have had that medal without your help and now I want more...."


Rickard Karlberg - golfproffs
"Being a Golf Pro is also being a Perfectionist. I feel right away when the signal traffic in my body s not performing the way it should and it affects the game. I never play a Round without the Friway Products. With their help, my body performs better and I can focus on my game.

Please follow me on:www.rikardgolf.com.”

Martin Mutumba - fotbollsspelare
My Stomache problems disappeared shortly after I started to use Friway Produktsförsvann med hjälp av FRIWAYs produkter.”
Matthias Johnsson - fotboll Djurgården
"My constant injuries dissapeared when I started to take FRIWAYs produkts. My body is now strong and I can quit playing Football when I feel like it, and not because of injuries.”
Filip Bergman - Fotball Coach
"I few years ago I was about to quit playing football due to frequent injuries. Thanks to the FRIWAYs lifesupplement I got my body back on track again and now I can train harder than ever.

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