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Book in swedish - Vinnande Livsstil!


This book contains recipes free from dairy and wheat products, information and tests you can perform to find out what products ar best for you.

To be healthy and reach you full potential, you need to know what to do and what to avoid to make sure that you train, eat and have the right attitude to succeed. The higher aspirations you have, the more accurate and more ambitious you have to be to increase your energy level and improve the communication within your body.
With a high energy level, effective communication, you can feel as good as possible and avoid injuries and illnesses. In this book we teach you what to do to increast your qulity of life.
When we have been working with elite athletes as Lars Frolander, Therese Alshammar, hockey players, athletes, golfers and football players we have got direct feedback and measurable results for our recommendations which has helped us crystallize what is good and really works.
Our goal with this book is to inspire more people to actively begin to take more responsibility for their own health and lifestyle!

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