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pH Generator - bottle


World's first and only protable pH generator that does not have filters that must be replaced.
The pH generator raises the pH value of the water or the beverage you pour in the bottle which helps the body to balance its pH value.
It is made from 100% organic material based on corn with added minerals. The bottle lasts for 2 years of use if you drink three bottles a day and once a week dry out the bottle and let it rest and recharge itself in 24 hours. If you use the bottle for juices or protein shakes, it will last 1 years. The bottle should not be exposed to detergent or heat, over 55 degrees it will be less effective and if the bottle is heated to 85 degrees it will be destroyed.
The pH generator also improves the ORP value (oxidation reduction potential ), which makes the water molecules clusters smaller and the body can absorb the water or the drink you have in the bottle better.
The pH generator is Medically Approved in Asia because of the health benefits it has given to the users and in U.S. it is FDA approved.
Please be adviced that the bottle might be leaking. We have also noticed that it is best to just have water in the bottle.

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