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There are several products on the market today that are not good for us. We wanted to find a way to guide end users so that they would be certain of that their choise of products where good for them.

Products kan be good, neutral or bad for the nervous system, inner organs, cells, our kommuniction and energy reserve. Our certification guarentees that our products are in worst case at least neutral for the human body.

The FOR HUMAN HEALTH certification does not examine the entire manufacturing process. The certification guarantees that the final product is tested to find out how the human body reacts. The products that build up the body or are neutral, pass the certification. 

Many products we daily use have a negative effect on the Nervous System and the inner organs. Most animals have a sence for what is good or bad for them. They refuse to eat GMO crops eventhough they are hungry. Due to our way of living todag most people lack the ability to sence what is good for us. Before that ability is restored  always trust FOR HUMAN HEALTH certified products.
Often, its the small details that makes a difference for the Nervous system. If a product is bad it can help to remove or change one single ingredient and then it will get certified. 

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