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Large Health package

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pH test
GROW Powder


With the pH-level test kit you can measure and take the right dose of BASIC, so that the morning urine is over 7,2. This will help you stay healthier with a high energy level.
FLOW is our Detox capsule which creates a flow in the body, supports the cleansing process and helps the body to eliminate toxins from polluted air, chemicals or unhealthy foods.
FOCUS contains iessential fatty acids, Omega 3,6,7 and 9 which are needed to produce hormones, build up cell walls and immune system. 
GLOW is a green powder to be desolved in water and contains important and healthy nutrients that improves digestion and build the blood sructure. This increases your energy level and makes you stronger and sustained. 
GROW Powder is a protein powder containing all amino acids, antioxidants, healthy fatty acids and vitamin D. Proteins are the building blocks in all living things and vital for all body-processes. Grow can be consumed for breakfast, beween meals and preferably after physical workout. 

WELL is a spray salt containing essential minerals and tracers that the body needs  to communicate and maintain the fluid balance, PH level and other vital processes. Well can be sprayed directly on food and after a hard workout to restore the bodily salt depot.

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