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Join in and revolutionize the world's view of health and building up while a passive income with our affiliate program!

1. How does it work?
You place a banner or textlink on your website or which links to us. When a visitor is redirected from your website to us and makes a purchase you get 12% in comission.
You can also share your personal affiliate-code to someone which later makes an order. You get a commission and the customer gets 10% off on their first order.

2. Are my website valid as affiliate?
Most of the websites is approved by us but if the content is unappropriate we have the right to turn it down.

3. How much does it cost to be an Affiliate?
Nothing at all, its completely free of charges

4. How do you track the orders that comes from my particular website?
Links from our affiliates is tracked with your unique code which is implemented in the link / banner on your site.

5. Can I add my own affiliatekod on my own account?

Payment and Commission

1. How is my commission?
It is based on the price of the order. You get 12% of each order before tax from everyone that uses your affiliate code.

2. When do I get paid?
We will pay you when your commission exceeds 500: -. You will then receive an email about billing us, alternatively we exhibit a discount code to you.

3. If my client failed to register my affiliate code at the time of purchase, can you or I purchase online registrations on me afterwards?
No, therefore it is important that you are careful to give the exact spelling of your affiliate code to the client. To help you build a customer base, we have done so that your affiliatekod also acts as a discount code the first time the client is shopping. Therefore is an interest for both of you to fill in the code and to make sure to have the correct spelling! It is also possible to mail a link that allows your affiliate code to be filled in automatically, or add the link from your website.

4. What happens if a customer returns a product?
If a product is returned no commission will be paid.

5. Can I get commission on my own orders?
Of course you will!

Do you like to join our affiliate-program??
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