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WELL is a full and unprocessed mineral salt that is free from additives and dissolved in deionized water. WELL can be sprayed on food, mixed in a sports drink or pour into the food during cooking. Salt gives the body energy and is essential for hydration and pH balance.
The body needs minerals and salts in order to function, and as well as animals can go a long way to lick a salt lick, you may be in need of salt and minerals. Many salts are harmful, however it is important to choose a healthy salt that is natural and free from additives and anti-caking agents and stabilizers. It is also important that the salt is completely water soluble.
In our studies, we found that we got the best effect when the salt was dissolved in deionized water. WELL salt contains mainly sodium chloride as well as calcium, magnesium, sulfur and other trace elements and minerals that are essential for the body. The salt comes from ancient sea caves that have never been in contact with today's environmental toxins.
When your body has access to the salts and minerals you need to increase your energy level and you recover faster.
WELL contains 225ml.
Dosage is individual. 3 sprays per day with 5 prints per time fits many.

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